Together we keep it beautiful

Sephora’s sustainability journey is guided by the belief that together we can protect and preserve the health and beauty of our planet. We take action to cultivate sustainable practices in our retail spaces, at our headquarters, and throughout our supply chain. From environmentally responsible packaging and ingredient transparency to conscientious energy consumption, we approach every challenge as an opportunity to innovate.

Our impact in numbers


years Sephora has been an EPA Green Power Partner


All Sephora U.S. stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices are powered by 100% renewable energy

2.9 Million

pounds of waste Sephora diverted from landfills in 2019

Our Focus


What we purchase and who we purchase from has an impact. Together, with our partners throughout the supply chain, we focus on improving workers’ lives and improving product sustainability and safety. Read our public Chemicals Policy and our progress update for more information.


Sephora is focused on reducing energy consumption and transitioning to renewable energy.  Since 2019, all U.S. stores, distribution centers and corporate offices are powered by 100% renewable energy. We continue to innovate to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.


Ecodesign is how we reduce waste in our stores and from our packaging. By embracing efficient design, and encouraging the brands we carry to do the same, we save resources while incorporating recyclable materials. Sephora is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Our goal is to divert waste from landfill.

Our Stance on Ingredients

Sephora leads the way on issues of ingredient safety and sustainability. Our public Chemicals Policy transparently lays out our vision and goals for all the products we sell, in stores and online.

We’ve identified a list of high-priority chemicals for reduction and elimination—these include chemicals our clients have told us they’re concerned about, plus chemicals that environmental or health groups have identified as problematic. Our goal is to see a 50 percent reduction in the number of products containing these chemicals within three years. To make this change, we’re partnering with our current brands to find safer alternatives, support them on innovation, and advocate for more transparency in labeling. Our Sephora Collection products already satisfy rigorous requirements on quality, traceability, and product safety. Through our Clean at Sephora program, we’re also constantly looking to bring in new brands with a more sustainable stance on chemicals.

As industry leaders, we believe it’s our responsibility to help our clients make informed decisions about the products they purchase. We’re committed to monitoring our own progress on this issue, reporting updates regularly, and continuing to expand the list of chemicals under review.


While we still have work to do, we’re excited to highlight some milestones we achieved in our first year of partnering with brands on our Chemicals Policy:

1. High-Priority Chemicals: A 14% reduction in products containing chemicals deemed problematic by clients as well as environmental and health organizations.

2. Safer Alternatives50 brands utilizing tools to identify safer alternatives through a pilot with Novi by the end of 2020, and 4 safer alternative assessment portfolio analyses developed in partnership with ChemFORWARD (e.g., preservatives, benzophenones, ethanolamines, cyclic silicones).

3. Transparency: We’ve increased the number of products with ingredient information on by 13%.


For more info, read our first progress report.

Clean at Sephora

The beauty you want, minus the ingredients you might not. The Clean at Sephora seal means a product is formulated without a list of over 50 ingredients, including sulfates (SLS and SLES), parabens, phthalates, and more.

Sustainability in action

Sephora has initiated a zero-emissions vehicle “last-mile” delivery program to our retail locations in San Francisco to reduce emissions and transportation-related pollution.

Sephora created an eco-conscious clean skincare line with over 60% naturally derived ingredients and packaging made from reclaimed sugarcane.

All U.S. stores, distribution centers and corporate offices are powered by 100% renewable energy through renewable energy certificates.

Sephora retail locations across the country consume less energy with our online Energy Management System (EMS) and LED lighting.

“We aspire to be the most loved beauty community in the world, and as a part of this, Sephora has a responsibility as an industry leader to help benchmark exemplary environmental performance. New technologies, equipment, and eco-friendly materials are being introduced all the time and impact every aspect of our business—architecture, store operations, logistics, and products.”

Chris de Lapuente

Sephora, Chief Executive Officer